Key health and safety guide designed for the Cold Chain Federation

Published: February 2020

In partnership with the team at the Cold Chain Federation, this health and safety guidance has been designed to be accessible to all employees in a cold storage business, from a warehouse operative to senior managers, however its primary audience are those individuals responsible for ensuring health and safety compliance. We wanted to create a guide that was visually engaging and presents key advice simply and clearly.

Cold stores are an inherently high-risk environment and businesses have a legal obligation to ensure these risks are fully understood and managed to avoid the consequences of an accident.

We completed a UK wide photoshoot of member facilities to help illustrate the guidance and created a colour coded advice system on mandatory to recommended health and safety measures to fully brief the cold chain industry.

We’ve had some excellent feedback on the guide already, with the industry downloading hundreds of guides in just the first few days of release.

Health and safety guidance to keep people safe in a cold store environment
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