What we do

Branding and strategy

We often think of a ‘brand’ in terms of a logo, but it’s far more than that, it’s your audience’s perception of what your business is, what it stands for and what you have to offer.

We assist you in determining who you are as an organisation and how you want to appear to your audience. Once a strategy has been agreed on, we create a visual identity and language which best represents you and where you want to be, executed consistently across every touch point.

  • Brand auditing
  • Branding and brand development
  • Brand refresh
  • Visual identity and logo design
  • Tone of voice and copywriting
  • Brand guidelines
  • Digital and social media strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Messaging and straplines
  • Photography and illustration style

Design and digital

Effective and impactful design isn’t just about creating pretty imagery.

It starts with thinking, problem solving and generating a core strategy and concept that that’s executed with consistency across multiple communications via digital, print and live events.

  • Graphic design
  • Digital design and content generation
  • Illustration and infographics
  • 3D visualisation
  • Motion graphics, animation and video
  • Responsive website design and development
  • Social media graphics
  • Event, conference & exhibition graphics
  • Reports, brochures, guides and leaflets
  • Advertising and direct mail
  • Packaging, point of sale and retail graphics
  • Photography and art direction
  • Signage and vehicle liveries

Who we work with

We work with a range of organisations big and small across multiple sectors, from start-ups and SME’s, to local authorities, charities and national trade associations. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large marketing team, we support you and your organisation to communicate better.

Supporting marketing, public affairs and communications teams

Storytelling. It’s essentially what we do to help our clients communicate a narrative of their sector or a particular issue. This helps raise awareness, promote the importance of an industry and shape government policy.

Working with professional bodies and trade associations, we create reports and campaigns that explain complicated issues and give insights into sectors from retail to agriculture, distribution to engineering. We tell that story via a wide range of collateral to grab the attention of your audience, inspire and drive engagement.

  • Industrial and sector reports via print and digital
  • Strategy and messaging
  • Information design and infographics
  • Illustration and 3D visualisation
  • Social media campaigns and graphics
  • Videos and motion graphics
  • Screen presentations
  • Event branding and supporting communications

Business plans and strategies

Fluid Design Studio has helped a number of CEOs and boards through the design of engaging business plans and corporate strategy documents. These confidential board level documents help communicate a clear vision for the company, using a simple graphic report structures, diagrams and infographics.

Our strategy reports have been well received by business leaders, achieving greater cut-through and engagement with key stakeholders.

Experiential design specialists

With over 23 years experience in providing graphic support for event, conference and exhibition projects, we have huge knowledge of serving clients on UK and global experiential projects. We partner:

  • In-house marketing and communications teams
  • Event management agencies
  • Exhibition, conference and event organisers
  • Architects and interior designers

Event brand consistency is a key factor in achieving visitor and delegate impact. Whether it’s an invitation, conference set, or a teaser video; visual impact and consistency ensures a memorable and vibrant brand experience.